12-Year-Old Boy Becomes The Youngest Person In The World To Be Studying Aerospace Engineering In College

We sometimes hear about students who break all the rules for all the right reasons. They may be able to get through high school early and enter into the workforce or perhaps head off to college.

That is the case with Caleb Anderson, a 12-year-old boy who is about to become the youngest student to study aerospace engineering at Georgia University.

Although Caleb is an incredibly smart individual, he says that he is not all that smart. He says that he just learns quickly so he can get ahead faster and he is able to grasp information quickly.

Even though Caleb is a modest individual, he is the youngest prodigy to enter into Georgia Tech after studying at Chattanooga technical College in Marietta for a year. It was possible that he could have graduated in two years but he is entering into a new challenge.

Ángel Cabrera, the campus president, recently met with Caleb and gave him a tour of the labs. He almost looked as if he belonged there and the staff at the University are more than happy to bring him on board.

The chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Aerospace Engineering, Professor Mark Costello, had the following to say to CBS News: “He’s a perfect candidate to come into our program and be very successful… I would expect that he would be admitted, for sure.”

It was clear to see from early in Caleb’s life that he was a genius. He knew sign language by the time he was nine months old and was doing fractions by the time he was two years old.

He said to CBS News: “I have this distinct memory of going to a first-grade class and learning there, and everyone was way taller than me, because, you know, I was two. I could barely walk.”

Many children have a difficult time with middle school and he felt much the same. He said that other students looked down on him and treated him like an anomaly.

In the end, Caleb is not worried too much about his intelligence. He says: “This is my life. This is how I am. And I’ve been living this way my whole life.”

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