12 Zany Shakespeare Facts

Got swagger? You can thank Shakespeare. Zany, lackluster, premeditated, fashionable, champion – these are just a handful of words that are credited to William Shakespeare.

400 years after his death, we remain intrigued by the words and life of the famed poet and playwright.

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Perhaps the reason why Shakespeare still captivates is because he was able to tap into a universal understanding of comedy and tragedy that is familiar to all audiences. Whether or not you enjoy Shakespeare, you can’t deny that the man led a fascinating life.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite quirky facts on the famous bard below. What’s your favorite odd Shakespeare fact? Whether it’s one from this list or another you’ve heard somewhere before, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

12 Facts on Shakespeare

1. Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, perhaps due to the fever he developed after a night out drinking with fellow playwrights.

2. “Words, words, words.” Hamlet, Shakespeare’s longest play, has over 30 thousand words.

3. Shakespeare has no descendants. His son died at a very young age and only one daughter had a child, who also died young.

4. Shakespeare, along with his parents and children, were poorly educated. Shakespeare’s lack of education has fueled speculation for conspiracy theorists. Much of the debate centers around authorship, as many believe Shakespeare was the pen name used by other playwrights working at the time.

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