13-Year-Old Boy Is About To Start His Ph.D. Physics

Many of us have to think back quite a few years ago until we remember when we were 13. Even if it has only been a few years, you probably remember how difficult and awkward those years can be.

A young boy by the name of Elliott Tanner feels that, and he is very similar to any other 13-year-old kid.

He loves his music, plays Minecraft, and is often found with his friends. There is something different, however, and it really sets him apart.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO – CBS Minnesota

You see, Elliott may only be 13 years old but he is set to graduate from the University of Minnesota. With a bachelor’s degree in physics in hand, he will be on campus in September to shoot for his doctorate in physics.

He was only three years old when he was doing complex math and his parents knew that he was someone special. He homeschooled at first but finished high school by the time he was eight years old and went to college at nine. His mother, Michelle, accepted that he was excelling at school but she didn’t want him to grow up without having fun.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO – CBS Minnesota

In speaking with a local news station, she said: “People who hear Elliott’s story say he doesn’t get to be a kid, or he grew up too fast. He still very much is a kid and the only difference is he goes to school in a different building.”

Elliott is looking to focus on high-energy theoretical physics in his studies. He is certain to do great things, but his parents do struggle to pay for the program. He wasn’t able to get a financial aid package, so they set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his college expenses.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO – CBS Minnesota

They set the goal at $44,000 and as of the time that this article was written, he has already raised close to $40,000. It is enough to cover his first year at the University of Minnesota and a new goal was now focused on the second year.

Interestingly, Elliott has become friends with Lain Armitage, the star of Young Sheldon. He hopes that he will assist other children to love physics because he finds a lot of joy in the subject. He also hopes that someday, he will be a professor of physics and will be helping children directly in that capacity.

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