17 Old Fashioned Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

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Whether you don’t love the idea of using insecticides in your home or you want to use things you already have on hand to be frugal, there are quite a few ways to keep ants from taking up permanent residence in your kitchen. These old fashioned tactics use common ingredients found in the cupboard and offer a toxin-free pest control. Have a look at these 17 old timey ways to get rid of ants below.

Ways to Kill Ants

1) Borax Mixed with Syrup

Boric acid is toxic for humans to eat, but will not do harm to people if left in an inconspicuous place. The tastes of the boric acid is masked by the syrup and the ants eat it up only to die later.

2) Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

Ants love any kind of sweat thing and this mixture makes an irresistible (yet deadly) food source for the ants.

3) Dish Soap, Baking Soda, and Water

The three mixed together makes a solution which is toxic to ants but safe for humans. Place small bowls of it or spray it on trails or entrance sites.

4) Molasses Mixed with Borax

You can also mix dry yeast instead of Borax. These mixtures will kill ants when they ingest them.

5) Table Salt

Sprinkled table salt will kill them if they eat it.

6) Cloves

Clove oil can kill ants, while dried cloves act as a strong smelling deterrent.

7) Cornmeal

This common cooking ingredient can kill ants slowly because their bodies cannot digest it. This is not a quick fix as it takes time, but is entirely non toxic. Some folks have also had success with oatmeal.

8) Vaseline

Some of this slippery stuff on entry points will make paths too tricky for the ants to cross.

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