The Educational Revolution: What Does Literacy Mean in the 21st Century?

The definition of literacy has changed significantly over the last hundred years, particularly after the dawn of the Information Age. Literacy is about being able to function in society, and in an increasingly globalized world, it takes more than the ability to read and write to navigate our dynamic social climate.

Modern literacies include computer literacy (which is becoming more common) and information literacy — or, the ability to not only read, but to also be able to process, critique, and integrate the information obtained. These skills and others like them will be integral for survival in the hyper-connected world of the future.

However, traditional literacy lays the foundation for these new forms of literacy, and they would dissolve in absence of the written word. These new literacies have in fact made the ability to read and write even more important for the progress of our species than ever before.

Watch the video below to see how literacy and learning are changing in this educational revolution.

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