A Positive Alternative to Banning Books

The freedom to print and read what we want is a hard-won right in America. And so is the freedom of speech. However, responsibility in how we practice these rights could save us and the world a lot of trouble and fighting.

It’s important to recognize the right to express opinions of all kinds about literature. You have rights to praise or complain about books all you like, and so does the person next to you. What’s important is that we don’t try to take our words and make them into actions. Just because you don’t like a book and want to complain about it doesn’t mean you should try to keep other people from reading it or talking about it.

In this short video, Dave Pilkey, author of the popular (and frequently banned) Captain Underpants series, explains how we can express concern about a book without undermining others’ freedom to read.

Share this video with your friends and encourage others to respectfully exercise their freedom of speech by making a simple change.

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