Whoa, This Town Turned Their Abandoned Walmart Into A Library! You Won’t Believe How Big It Is!

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What would you do with 125,000 square feet of empty space? (FYI, that’s the size of about 2 1/2 football fields.)

The City of McAllen, Texas decided to fill it with books. When their local Walmart went out of business, they saw it as an opportunity to create the ultimate community meeting place.



Any fears of being unable to fill the space were put to rest in the opening weeks. According to interim director Kate Horan, new registrations and book loans are “through the roof.”

“We used to be really busy on Sunday afternoons,” she said in an interview with Slate. “Now, every day is a Sunday afternoon.”


The McAllen Public Library is now the largest single-story public library in the US. (The award for biggest outright goes to the Library of Congress.)

See how the architects achieved this amazing transformation in this video!

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