A Toddler Just Became America’s Youngest Member Of Mensa

Kashe Quest is a lot like other 2-year-olds her age. She loves playing games, practicing her independence, and she has the occasional tantrum or two.

However, unlike most other 2-year-olds, she can count to 100, identify all 50 states by location and shape, and knows how to navigate the periodic table of elements.

The Los Angeles native was recently welcomed as a new member of Mensa, a society of intellectuals who fall into the 98th percentile on IQ tests.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

For little Quest, she has an IQ of 146, which is 46 points above the national average. In an interview with Fox 11, her mom, a preschool teacher named Sukjit Athwal, explained that they started to notice their daughter’s intelligence was advanced when she was around 17 months old.

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She said, “We started to notice her memory was really great. She just picked up things really fast and she was really interested in learning. At about 17, 18 months, she had recognized all the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.”

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

While Quest may be incredibly advanced for her age, her mom hopes to give her a “normal” childhood and doesn’t want to pressure her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

She explained, “I think one of the biggest things…[is] making sure she has a childhood and we don’t force anything on her…We’re kind of going at her pace and we want to just make sure that she is youthful for as long as she can be.”

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Mensa currently has around 50,000 Young Mesans, which includes all members under the age of 14. Quest is now the youngest member in American Menso, being just 2-years-old.

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