Retiring Custodian Gets The Sweetest Mustache Send-Off From 400 Students

Angelo Guido has worked as a head custodian of a Connecticut school for the past 18 years.

“This type of work it fits me. I love kids, I love to clean, so I was lucky enough to be with some friends and here I am,” Guido told 10 WJAR. “Sometimes you hear about people, ‘Oh I love my job, I love my job. I enjoy it.”

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Now that it’s time for the 66-year-old to finally retire, he was surprised with the sweetest send-off from 400 students at the West Vine Street School in Stonington.

On his final day, when he was outside mowing the elementary school’s lawn, staff asked him to come inside to “fix something.” He was greeted by every student and staff member, lining the hallways with flags, posters, and cheers.

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“That kind of shook me out of my socks when I went to the kids,” Guido told 10 WJAR. “I was sweating the whole way. It meant a lot to me and I always want to make a difference in someone’s life no matter how small it is, so I take pride in that.”

Guido, a proud Italian, has been sporting his big mustache for the past 40 years. It’s a very distinct feature of his, and all of the students recognize him by it.

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So, every single student wore stick-on mustaches during his send-off as a nod to his legacy.

“Everyone here loved him,” custodian Jordan Moose, who has taken his spot, told 10 WJAR. “There’s just nothing to dislike about him, everything that he’s done, everything he does, He’s just an all around a really great guy,” said Moosey. “I don’t think there’s too many people like him, whether it’s him working or who he is as a person he has a really big heart and it’s going to be a lot to fill.”

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

While working in the schools over the years, Guido developed many special relationships with the students.

He was always there for those who sought advice or wanted to vent to him, and he even kept candy in his pockets to hand out, as well as treats for the teachers.

Although Guido will miss all of the students and teachers, he looks forward to this new chapter in his life that he’ll spend with his family and grandchildren.

Watch the sweet send-off in the video below:

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