What Cliched Quotes Do You Find the Most Annoying?

Words hugely impact people, especially when compiled into a quote or saying. A person discovers those quotes in songs, movies, books, or from a famous figure. It’s more effective when it completely relates to their life. Listening to that line for the first time may strike so well that the person would make it part of their personality. People would often use those quotes to appease, motivate, comfort, and strengthen themselves. Sayings are applied in life, which becomes a person’s principle as well. It’s fascinating how quotes and sayings can affect the way people see the world. Your eyes are opened to a different perspective.

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However, a person should be very careful of using a quote. Words are a double-edged sword when incorrectly used. Not all sayings are applicable in every situation. Sometimes you have to break it to avoid hurting or inconveniencing others. Also, the quote you made into a principle can make you out of reach — assess reality before anything else. For this reason, some quotes can sound annoying to other people. It’s most especially unacceptable when it affects their life in the worst way. A Redditor opened the discussion on AskReddit, which started an interesting conversation between netizens. “What’s the most annoying quote or saying?” hi-okbye wrote. You might relate to some of the answers listed below.

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“The Customer is Always Right”

MurderBeans added, “Almost never used in the correct context.” Indeed, the annoying quote is not applicable in every situation. Some customers act unreasonably, which risks an employee’s job. They have unbelievable requests outside of the staff’s role. The situation often causes public scenes where you’ll realize that they aren’t always right. It’s a saying that gives horrible people an excuse to justify their behavior. People that work in customer service deserve respect, and they can also be right.

“Live, Love, Laugh”

The answer from lxaxs garnered 868 upvotes which showed how a lot of people are peeved with the quote. Yes, you can enjoy life as much as you want, but sometimes it gets in the way. No matter how you live, love, and laugh reality is far from that. It can even lead to toxic positivity that will surely irritate those around you. Before advising the quote to others, you better consider their situation first. Sometimes it’s best to be realistic for a while and then, live, love, laugh when problems and piled-up responsibilities are already covered.

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“Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness”

Not depending happiness on the amount of money you have is true, but it can easily be disproved. Yes, you’ll be happy with friends and family around but some situations require money. You need to pay in order to stay safe under a roof, have food on your table, or take trips without worries. “Money doesn’t, but the stuff money can buy definitively does. I mean hell, money can buy you therapy sessions that could cure your depression,” elepuddnlily replied. You won’t even have your comfort food if you cannot afford it. Perhaps it should say, “Avoid seeking happiness at the expense of others. Greediness won’t bring you joy.”

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“Boys will Be Boys”

The quote comes off annoying whenever incorrectly used. Instead of using “boys will be boys,” whenever children act mischievous, it became an excuse for men to justify their misbehavior. People would say out of context that the quote sounds not only infuriating but also insensitive to the troubled person. “I’ve only ever heard if used either because some boys were playing exuberantly or making a mess, prompting their moms to comment this, or when a dad was just as excited about some toy or game as his son and people comment this,” OptatusCleary responded to Adrasteis. That is the only way the quote should be used and applied in real life.

Quotes and sayings are meant to give people something to hold on to and live by. Before applying it in life ensure that you aren’t going to use it out of context and at the expense of others. If the Reddit posts interest you, better read the full discussion to find more quotes that annoy you as well. You can also share your thoughts if the quote you are annoyed with is not yet mentioned.

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