Art Teacher Gets Students Outside For Snow Sculptures Due To Lack Of Snow Days

The pandemic has created a rather unique situation for students in many parts of the world. Perhaps one of the issues that was not seen very far in advance was the lack of snow days. With many students tuning into school from home, it doesn’t matter if it is snowing or not, school is going to continue.

School days are something that many students miss, but an art teacher in East Providence, Rhode Island, has found a way to bring them back, at least to a limited extent.

Katina Gustafson is using her own skills as an art teacher and designer of multidimensional snow art to get her students involved.

Photo: Twitter / Katina Gustafson

In speaking with Good Morning America, she said: “I’ll ask attendance questions to get them engaged [like], ‘If you can choose my next snow sculpture what would it be?'”

They then begin problem-solving to see how the building process would work out, including using some readily available items which are available, such as icicles.

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In 2019, Gustafson made some interesting items in the snow, including a doughnut, gumball machine, and a Starbucks cup. She is continuing her designs with some familiar faces, including Mr. Potato Head and Baby Yoda.

The students have also been involved in creating some items and they are sending pictures in to let her and the class know what they are doing. Some students are not able to get outside as easily, but having a project to do makes it just a little easier.

Photo: Twitter / Katina Gustafson
Photo: Twitter / Katina Gustafson
Photo: Twitter /Katina Gustafson

She said: “There are no snow days anymore, which is a little heartbreaking, but I do tell the kids when school’s over to go out and play in the snow.”

That’s good advice.

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