Kids Can Now Fall Asleep Listening To Astronauts Reading Them Bedtime Stories From Space

Ask any parent and they will tell you that bedtime is not always the easiest time of the day. Sometimes, it requires a minimum of three books before the kid will go to sleep and that number may even be higher on some days. Parents do their best to get creative in the storytelling department but not every parent enjoys that particular ritual.

That is where the Global Space Education Foundation comes in. They have come up with a rather unique idea, known as Story Time in Space. Astronauts are used to reading bedtime stories from space and children can now watch them reading those stories before they nod off to sleep.

The former director of education at Space Ctr., Houston, Patricia Tribe is the brainchild behind this project. She spoke with HuffPost and said that she was doing research on science skills and literacy in the United States when she came up with the idea of astronauts reading bedtime stories. She said, “What better role models to engage kids in science and to engage them in reading? You’re not only looking and listening to the books, but you’re also looking around the International Space Station.”

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The way that the program works is relatively simple. Books that would be read by children are delivered to astronauts on the International Space Station. The astronauts would then record themselves reading the books and those recordings would be made available for children. You would find them on the webpage as well as their YouTube channel.

When Tribe did research on literacy skills and science in the United States, she could tell the children needed some assistance in developing. She decided that she would combine the two options of reading and science to make it interesting for children worldwide.

The cofounder of the program, Drew Jr was the author of the first book read in orbit for children. The book was entitled: ‘Max Goes to the Moon’. The book tells the story of the final flight of the space shuttle discovery. It was about two years ago when the project got its start and a number of other stories have also been told from space since that time. Tribe added, “We don’t want to perpetuate any misinformation.”

In addition to reading books, astronauts perform a variety of science experiments in the space station for children as well.

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