Bali School Is Accepting Tuition Payments From Students Using Coconuts And Plant Leaves

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all, including many families that are finding it difficult to pay tuition.

In Bali, a school has decided to accept coconuts during this time to pay for a degree when financial hardships have occurred.

The offer comes from the Venus One Tourism Academy in Tegalalang, that is offering relaxed payments for students. They have always allowed payments to be made in installments.

According to BALIPUPSA NEWS, Wayan Pasek Adi Putra, the Academy director, said, “Initially, the tuition payment scheme was paid in installments three times, with the first installment at 50 percent [of the total], the second 20 percent and the third 30 percent.” He went on to say that the flexible policy has been adopted due to the COVID pandemic. Since the school produces virgin coconut oil, tuition is now being paid using coconuts.

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“We have to educate them to optimize the natural resources in their surroundings,” Wayan Pasek said, according to the outlet. “When the pandemic is over, they will enter the world of hospitality with different skills. They may find new customers later when they become resellers [of the coconut products].”

There have also been reports that moringa leaves are being used to pay for tuition by some students. Those leaves are used to make herbal soap products, and those products can also be sold by the academy.

The items made from those natural products are developed by graduates and provide a promise to the future, according to Wayan Pasek.

The school just celebrated its third graduating class. They were founded in 2017 and they offer students a degree in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, the tourism industry is suffering on the island, so they may have to wait to use their degree when it opens up again.

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