Bessie Coleman: The First Female African American Pilot

Have you ever looked at the sky? Like really looked at it? It seems like the more you look at the sky, the more you’re able to see in it. And some of us certainly see more up there in the clouds than others.

When Bessie Coleman looked up to the skies, she saw her future, a much better future than anyone else imagined for her. It didn’t matter that she was a black woman in a country where no one would teach her to fly. She knew she would one day soar up there in the blue beauty that surrounds our planet.

She was determined to claim the skies for her own. And claim them she did.

There’s something so beautiful about a person so driven and powerful that they can’t be stopped.

Watch this inspiring video to see how Bessie took charge of her own destiny, earned her wings, and became the first female, African American pilot. Her story is so amazing. She’ll make you feel like you can do anything!

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