With More Choices Than Ever, What’s is a Bibliophile To Do?

Let’s begin by being completely honest: preference in reading format is subjective. There, I said it. One is not superior over the other. But differences exist–and that’s where the argument gets interesting. Are you a die-hard physical book fan? Can’t live without your Kindle? Will listen to nothing else but audio books? Check out our comparisons below and see which side you fall on in the great debate!



They’re relatively cheap–certainly less costly than an e-reader. So when you plunge into the pool on your Mexican vacation or accidentally leave the latest King in your car, no worries! Even if stolen, you’re out far less than you would be if someone swiped your digital device.

Let’s face it: there’s something about the feel and weight of a physical book in your hands that cannot be replicated. Even the smell–paper mixed with the beginnings of an adventure and maybe even a coffee ring or two–appeals to the true fan of printed books.

A slip of paper or sticky note easily marks your spot in a book, telling you where you’re at and how much is left to go. Not so easy with a digital device. Alas, percentages do not translate the same as page numbers.

Have you ever tried to share a digital book? Physical books, especially favorite ones, are passed around, read by many, and enjoyed by all. Digital books do not make this experience easy–and, actually, many readers would agree that this is one of their biggest downfalls. For what true bibliophile could deny themselves the pleasure of sharing remarkable stories with fellow enthusiasts? I’ve yet to meet him or her.

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