Global Poverty Myths: Busted!

Do you know people who believe that there’s nothing we can do to combat poverty or that the money given to developing regions is a waste? Do you know people who think everything already is the way it was meant to be, that there are just some things that were never meant to be fixed on this planet?

Tell them to think again.

Bill and Melinda Gates brought in some well-known myth busters to address these popular, though misinformed, assumptions. We know you’ll recognize these TV stars, and you’re likely to enjoy what they have to say about global poverty myths as well.

Spoiler alert: The myths in this video are definitely busted!

Watch the video and learn more about how humanitarian aid helps relieve poverty around the world. There is a way to change the things we didn’t think we were powerful enough to change!

The math does not lie, and the myth busters will prove it to you. Check it out for yourself!

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