We’ve Been Asked These Same Exact Questions…Sometimes Our Friends Just Don’t Get It!

The questions are endless, and every person asks almost the same ones.

“Why do you have so many? Do you really read THAT much? Why do you waste all of your money on BOOKS?”

And your answers are always pretty similar too. “I have that many because I like them all and I don’t want to get rid of any. Yes, I really read THAT much. And books are the best thing I’ve ever spent money on.”

But no matter how many times you answer these silly questions, they keep coming back. It’s almost like you have to wear a sign explaining your reading habits to everyone who sees you.

Does this sound familiar? We thought so. It’s pretty familiar to us too. But we’re just scratching the surface here on the issues book lovers have dealing with other people.

In this video, TheBookTuber, an avid reader, fields several more questions that non-readers typically ask of book collectors.

See how he responds!

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