‘The Book Lady’ Is Gifting Students Thousands Of Books With Hopes To Reach 1 Million

The “Book Lady” has given away thousands of books to students, with a goal of giving away 1 million books.

Jennifer Williams is an avid reader and book lover. Not only does she enjoy books for herself, but she wants to share the gift of reading with the world.

Her passion for books is so deep that her community has come to know her as, “The Book Lady,” according to WDBJ17.

Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Hoge Williams

Williams, from Chantam, Virginia, started collecting books for children three years ago. Her mission is to give away 1 million books, in hopes of helping kids find a love for reading.

As she said to WDBJ17, “I want them to find a book that they love, that inspires them to want to find more great stories and keep reading.”

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Williams started her mission by donating 263 books to her local Chantam elementary school. The school has 263 students, so every single student gets a brand-new book to keep. Every year, she returns to the school on March 2nd, Dr. Suess’s birthday, and delivers another batch of books, enough for each student to get one.

Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Hoge Williams

While it isn’t easy financially, Williams also loads up free book libraries outside of schools and childcare centers, in addition to gifting new books to book clubs and other groups. She pays for the books out of pocket, so she had to take a second job to afford her passion project.

Even so, Williams is more determined than ever to hit that 1 million number and impact 1 million lives in the process.

Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Hoge Williams

After only three years, she’s managed to give away 63,154 brand new books.

Williams has started a Facebook group for those interested in following her journey of giving away 1 million books. You can message her in that group to get involved for yourself!

It’s amazing what a little persistence and dedication can do – 63,000+ books given away in just 3 years! The world could definitely use more people like Jennifer.

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