Turn Your Pile of Books into Something Special!

The best thing for any book-lover during the holiday season is a nice, knowledge-filled book under the tree. The SECOND-best thing is a tree that is literally made of books!

Want to make one for the book-lover in your home (which very well may also be you)? It’s easier than it looks! Well, as long as you do it the smart way… (Author’s note: I tried it the other way first.)

Step 1: Gather the Masses


Scrounge up every book you can find! Or, at least the ones that nobody is in the middle of reading (removing just one book from the finished product will almost certainly result in instant Jenga!).

At this point, be sure to take a moment to think about how much you admire your own book collection.

Step 2: Sort ’em Up

This step is vital to making a non-lopsided book-tree — and the more time you spend here, the more beautiful your tree-books will ultimately look. (Note: Something I didn’t realize the first time around…)

You’ll want to sort them by height and depth (if you’re looking at the spine), but more importantly you’ll want to match them up by thickness. Each layer should be about level to prevent any toppling.Book-Tree2

(You may notice from the picture that I started stacking the base of my tree while still in the “sorting” phase. Some may call it “cheating”… I prefer the term “shortcut.”)

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