Show Us Your Bookshelves!


Let’s be honest: bookshelves rock. And roll. and steal the show.

Messy or neat, packed to the gills or sparingly ordered–doesn’t matter. For readers, the sight of a bookshelf is swoon-worthy. We’ll prove it. Take a look at this:


You’re heart just skipped a beat, didn’t it? Yup, palms are itching to get a hold of the tattered copy of Robert Frost’s Poems, mind is racing at the thought of reading–or maybe re-reading–The Diary of Anais Nin. Even the Where the Wild Things Are bobblehead is begging to be touched.

Honestly, it’s wrong to keep our bookshelves from the world, wouldn’t you agree?

So send us your pictures on Facebook, please! We want to see what you’ve read, where it lives, and just what we should be coveting book-wise.

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Lydia L. lives in Seattle with two sweet, if slightly out of control, dogs. She loves reading, food, and the opportunity to make a difference.
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