Bus Driver Keeps A Bucket Of Books For Kids To Read On Her Route

Kindness doesn’t always have to be a big, grandiose gesture that took lots of money to fund. Sometimes, the best gestures of kindness are the little things. It can be as simple as making someone’s commute a little more fun with some reading material. In order to make her kids’ commute to school more enjoyable, Julie Callison – a special education teacher and bus driver for the Drew Central School District in Arkansas – always has a book stash on board her bus.

The Arkansas Department of Education put up a post on Facebook about her mobile library.

“Special Education teacher Julie Callison of the Drew Central School District decided to create a culture of reading on her daily bus route,” they wrote in the post.

Special Education teacher Julie Callison of the Drew Central School District decided to create a culture of reading on…

Posted by Arkansas Department of Education on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the photos, kids are seen holding up their choice of reading material alongside the bus’s “bucket of books.”

Callison explained in the Facebook post, “The way this works is when students get on the bus they can get up to three books. After they read those, they can share with students around them, then put them in the bucket on the way out the door.”

She has also stated that she notices the students reading to each other, regardless of whether they’re older or younger. Besides reading throughout the week, a high school or middle school student usually acts as the “special guest reader” on Fridays.

“They pick out a book, sit on the front seat and read it over the speaker to the whole bus. They love this!” Callison said. She also added in the hashtags #RISEArkansas and #TeachArkansas.

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Since seeing the post of Facebook, people have made the post go viral, with many believing that it’s a great idea. Since sharing, it’s gotten more than 4,000 shares and 3,000 likes. It’s also accumulated hundreds of comments.

Many of the comments are expressions of enthusiasm, with many more saying that they’d like to see a similar system implemented at their own children’s schools.

Scholastic Book Fairs even commented saying, “We LOVE this story!”

It’s definitely a great idea and not only does it help foster a love of reading amongst the students, but it also builds a sense of community as well. What an incredible teacher!

Share this story and hopefully we can get the idea to catch on all over the country!

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