Calling All Book People!

Who doesn’t love a good children’s book? We know we still do, even as adults! The classics never die, and even some of the newer children’s books can be fun for adults. Don’t you agree?

In the video below, some of literature’s most known and notable characters come together (with the help of some well-known and talented singers) in the name of literacy for Book People Unite, a movement that works to provide books and educational resources for children in poverty.

This song is a great reminder of the fact that our world would be so much better if every child in the world had at least one book to read. And, of course, it would be a hundred times better if each child was able to have access to dozens, even hundreds, of books!

Plus, it’s a chance for children and adults alike to reminisce about their favorite characters and some of the best books on the planet.

Check out the Book People Unite theme song—produced by The Roots and featuring John Legend, Regina Spektor, and Jack Black (among others)—in this video.

Read today and spark a lifetime of ambition!

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