An Allergy Won’t Ever Come Between This Pet Parent and an Adorable Cat Named Floyd

People often share that they instantly felt a connection with their pets. They know that no matter what happens, they must adopt the animal, as it’ll be a great addition to their family. If not, they’ll regret the decision, because other families might adopt the pet first. Sometimes that connection randomly happens — you can find it on the streets, at school, or even in your very own backyard. It’s like the animal was meant to find you, or you are destined to rescue them from a dangerous situation. You two will be like magnets, helplessly being pulled toward one another. Having that instant connection may seem weird, but since then, you won’t be able to imagine a life without your best bud.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Susie had a similar experience as a pet parent — it was love at first sight with her cat, Floyd. When she and her wife, Cami, went out looking for the perfect pet to adopt, Floyd immediately caught her attention. They say felines choose their humans, and that might have been what Floyd did when he fell asleep on Susie’s shoes the first day they met. He might look grumpy, but he’s a cinnamon roll that made their house feel homier. Despite the medical conditions, Susie was determined to keep him, and she’s willing to care for his every need. “He was born with just one sinus cavity,” she shared. “So his right nostril just chronically runs; it means me cleaning it with a tissue or a washcloth a couple of times a day.”

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

However, Floyd wasn’t the only one with a sinus problem — Susie is apparently allergic to cats. Her love for Floyd made her endure allergic reactions. The connection she felt with him was so strong that the allergy never came in between them. It was never a problem for the cat parent, even when her eyes turned red after petting the irresistible feline. “There was no way that I was not going to keep Floyd. He is my best friend,” Susie lovingly said. “I did immunotherapy, allergy shots, getting a shot in my arm every week. It’s funny, my symptoms are similar to him, like running nose, sneezing, the whole deal, but doing the allergy shots really helped me; it’s mellowed out a little bit,” she explained.

The nine-year-old feline became Susie’s daily companion, even in her office. Floyd’s presence can truly lighten anyone’s day, because he’s a playful and affectionate cat. He’s also quite intelligent and already knows his daily routine at home. Susie shared the fluffy cat’s daily life on GeoBeats Animals, and you can really tell that he’s living the best life. You can witness their wonderful relationship in the video below. Seeing the bond between Susie and Floyd can make you understand why, despite the cat allergies, he was still for keeps. If you love cat content, better follow Floyd’s Instagram page for additional fluff!

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