Kevin Hart Makes A Surprise Appearance During Chemistry Teacher’s Zoom

If there is one thing that all of us are aware of, it is that 2020 changed our lives. In many cases, it changed them in a negative way but there are also some changes that are likely to be positive for many years to come. Nobody knows this better than students.

Virtual learning took on a whole new meaning because of the pandemic. Some teachers struggled to get by but others stepped up to the plate and made a difference.

That is surely the case with Jonte Lee, A high school chemistry and physics teacher in Washington DC.

Photo: YouTube/WUSA9

Lee was looking for a way to make a difference, so he decided to make a laboratory out of his kitchen and sent chemistry kits to the homes of 35 of his students. He even paid for it all out of his own pocket.

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It wasn’t long before this creative teacher was going viral on social media. He recorded the lessons that he gave to his classroom during the day and posted them on social media to inspire others.

Photo: YouTube/WUSA9

He even gave his new persona a social media name, “The Kitchen Chemist.”

The students loved what their teacher was doing but they also wanted him to be recognized by those on the outside. It happened when he became recognized and a part of the “Regular Heroes” show that is coming to Amazon.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Regular Heroes shows how regular people who are essential workers have made a difference during the pandemic. Since he was selected for the show, Kevin Hart showed up to one of his Zoom classes and gave him the surprise of his life.

Hart made everyone’s day with his visit but he took things a step or two further by providing a scholarship to the students and new chemistry equipment for the schools.

Looks like being a hero is the place to be.

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