Woman Captures Touching Moment Child Photographs Dad At His College Graduation

A woman captured a touching moment shared between a father and his daughter during the man’s college graduation.

Elena, who goes by @elenaxlugo on Twitter, was attending her brother’s college graduation at UCLA when she spotted a young girl taking photos of her father.

It seems the father had just graduated with a law degree and had no one else to celebrate with him. So, his young daughter stepped in as a photographer.

Photo: Twitter/elenaxlugo

“It was JUST them two. I was crying she was so proud of him,” Elena wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

She included photos of the two in the tweet and they’re touching to look at.

Photo: Twitter/elenaxlugo

She added that while there was a language barrier, she volunteer to take photos of the two of them together and they happily obliged.

Thanks to her, this dad will get to look back on pictures of not just himself but himself and his daughter as well!

She later shared a tweet saying that she deleted the original story “Out of courtesy for the gentleman and the young girl.” She just wanted to share the cute story but didn’t feel right leaving the story up once it got so viral.

We’ll never know why the dad wasn’t surrounded by family or friends, but it’s touching to know he had his #1 supporter by his side.

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