Scout Through the Shelves of Some of the World’s Most Amazing Libraries!

Libraries hold repositories of human knowledge and are the last bastions of the free flow of ideas. Despite the digital age of e-books and handheld readers, people still love to hold physical books in their hands, ruffle the pages back and forth, and smell the paper as they turn pages. Here are just a few of the magnificent libraries from around the world. How’s THIS for a bucket list?!?

The Library of Congress


Every conversation about the world’s greatest libraries starts with the world’s largest. The Library of Congress in Washington adds 12,000 volumes to its collection daily. The library contains more than 38 million books. Half of its collection is in languages other than English.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries started in 2009 as a way for neighbors to start reading. A few dozen volumes stay in small containers posted in people’s yards, and book enthusiasts borrow and return books at their leisure.

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