This Woman Didn’t Want Anything for Her Birthday…Except For People to Donate to THIS Place.

As her 97th birthday approached, Port Townsend resident Barbara Clayton made a special request regarding any gifts she might be given. She didn’t want any of them. Yes, that’s not right. She requested not to get any gifts. The reason why goes back decades and will touch any bookworm to the core.

Claiming to have plenty of the usual clothing and chocolate, Clayton asked her friends and family to instead donate funds to the Port Townsend Friends of the Library.

Clayton married a newspaper editor in 1957 and spent several years writing news and feature articles as the managing editor of Ragtown News. As a long-time lover of the written word, it came as no surprise when Clayton wanted to help foster that love in others.

But of course, Clayton couldn’t leave it at that. She had to make a donation of her own as well.

Via Tela Chhe
Via Tela Chhe

Clayton gave the Friends of the Library 97 dollars — one for each year of her own life. With the additional contributions from her friends and family, the total donation came to about 600 dollars.

When the Friends of the Library met to determine how to spend the generous donation, they decided on purchasing large-print books, which are tremendously beneficial to the visually impaired. Due to higher production costs and an increased number of pages, large-print books are more expensive than standard books.

With Clayton’s birthday gift, the library was able to purchase an additional 40 books, bringing the library’s total number of large-print volumes to over 1000.

Via Port Townsend Main Street Program
Via Port Townsend Main Street Program

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Clayton’s gift to the Port Townsend library is a gift that keeps on giving. For years, the books she helped bring to the library will provide knowledge and entertainment to countless individuals.

Libraries across the United States accept book donations. The American Library Association encourages potential donors to contact their local libraries and ask about their book donation policies. A library’s collection is a gift to the whole community, and donating books is a great way to help out. Media personality Stephen Colbert is no stranger to generosity. In 2015, he went above and beyond in order to help the educators of his native South Carolina.

Like Barbara Clayton’s library donation, Stephen Colbert’s commitment to helping the community is an inspiration.

Check out his story!

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