Bulging Backpacks: 10 Ways To Lighten Your Child’s Load

Is your kid’s backpack still too heavy after trying the ideas on page one? Not to worry! We’ve got five more ways to lighten the load on this page. One of them is sure to be the right one for you and your child! Let’s work together to give those little shoulders a much-needed break!

6. Pack the Bag Properly

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Use the backpack’s compartments to store small items and distribute weight across the bag. Place heavy books and binders at the back of the pack, closest to your child’s body, recommends the Huffington Post.

7. Obtain Duplicate Books


Some schools allow students to check out or purchase duplicate textbooks so that they can keep a copy at home and reduce the amount of supplies they must carry. Check whether your school has this option, and offer to split the cost with a neighbor whose child attends the same school.

8. Use Electronic Readers


Some schools offer textbooks that are compatible with tablets and e-readers, so take advantage of this option whenever possible. Ask English teachers whether your child can read assigned novels on an e-reader or computer.

9. Carry Electronics Separately

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Older students often must carry laptops or other heavy electronics to class or the library. Place these heavy items in their own bag and use hand straps to keep this weight off the shoulders.

10. Talk to your child’s teacher

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School officials are aware that heavy backpacks are a problem for children. If you feel your child has too much to carry, talk to teachers and administrators about things they can do to reduce the daily load. Teachers often can photocopy book pages or provide links for online assignments, which cuts down on the weight your child must carry.

Is your child’s backpack too heavy?

Tell us in the comments below what moves you’ve made to reduce your little one’s shoulder load. Has it worked? Are you still struggling to conquer this issue? What do you think should be done to fix this problem?

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