Canine Careers: These Dogs Have Very Important Jobs!

4. Coast Guard K9s Fly High


Evy and Ricky, two Coast Guard dogs, made headlines as they demonstrated their remarkable training. These explosives-sniffing dogs regularly ride in helicopters and are lowered from hovering aircraft.

3. Police Dogs Serve and Protect


Police K9s are a fairly common sight. These dogs typically have many uses, including tracking suspects, sniffing out illegal items and helping human officers subdue dangerous people.

2. Disaster Dogs Find Victims


After a tornado, terrorist attack or other major tragedy, FEMA-certified disaster dogs and their handlers fly in from all over the country to search for people trapped under rubble. These intrepid dogs locate survivors who are hidden and unable to respond.

1. Search and Rescue Dogs Save Lives


When a hiker gets lost in the wilderness, time is of the essence. Wilderness search and rescue dogs comb the great outdoors searching for the missing person. These dogs also often search for dementia patients who wander away from home, as well as people with developmental disabilities.

What Can’t Dogs Do?


These career-minded dogs show that canines really are man’s best friend.

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