Important Life Lessons from Disney Princesses

Don’t Judge Others

The Beast was a troublesome guy to start with, but if Belle never took the time to get to know him and give him the strength to change, the story wouldn’t be the same today. It’s okay to change your mind and change the way you respond to things in your life, just as it’s better to get to know someone before you make a decision on whether you like them.

Kindness Matters

Being kind is what brought out the love and support of the Seven Dwarves for Snow White; her innocence and love knew no bounds and drew her closer to her true love. When bad things happen, being kind can never bring you down, but it will encourage others to lift you up.

Viewing Things From a New Perspective Makes a Difference

Merida learned that what she perceives isn’t always what her mother intends, when she turns her mom into a bear and has to work with her to understand why she makes the choices she does. Taking a look at other people’s viewpoints can help you better understand them and their feelings.

Be Brave

Cinderella never let her family bring her down; she dreamed of a life living with her true love and stood fast against their aggression and hatefulness. With persistence, bravery and the guidance of her fairy godmother, she was able to realize her dreams. You can too, by remembering to stand up for yourself.

Disney princesses teach you about life from a young age, and they have a long-lasting effect on your heart. What lessons did we miss?

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