How Educational Are Those Educational Apps?

Search for educational apps on your smartphone, and you’re going to find more than 80,000 options. However, just because the developer categorizes the app as educational doesn’t mean it’s effective. The best way to find apps that actually educate children is to evaluate how well they meet a few important criteria.


The Developer

Anyone can develop an app, but that doesn’t mean that person is qualified to educate children. You probably wouldn’t want your children to attend a school that doesn’t require its teachers to have any formal education. When looking for educational apps, look for developers with qualifications in literacy or child development.

The Age Level

Quality educational apps should have recommended age levels to help users decide if they’re right for their child. An app has to match the child’s ability for learning to occur.


Learning Goals

An educational app needs a curriculum with learning goals in place to be effective. The learning goals are specific concepts that the app teaches the child in each activity or lesson. This keeps the child on track and allows concepts to build on one another.


Engaging apps cause children to focus on the task at hand without distracting them. One common flaw in educational apps is frequent pop-ups appearing on the screen, which distract the child during the learning process.


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Meaningful Activities

Meaningful activities require children to actually use the concepts they’re learning, instead of just seeing them. Any app can teach a child the alphabet song. A meaningful app not only teaches the song, but it shows how the letters are used and then tests children on those letters.

With the extensive selection available, it’s difficult choosing the right educational app. Focusing on a few key educational criteria can make all the difference in your child’s learning experience. Check out these apps to build literacy skills.

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