A School…That Floats!?

For many of us, school is boring and dull, and it’s hard to just wake up in the morning to go. Of course, we believe school should be exciting for all students, but we quite simply haven’t reached that point yet.

However, one school has found a clever solution to an interesting problem and managed to simultaneously make their school into a place any kid would be proud to attend! This school makes learning fun, provided you can pay attention!

Can you imagine a floating school? In the lagoon of Lagos, Nigeria, this unbelievable vision has become a reality. Residents of the city built a neighborhood on the lagoon so they can live and work, adding this floating school to help the nearly 1,000 students who live in the Makoko slum get the education they deserve.

This school is a prototype of how cities can address housing shortages and help the environment.

Inspired by this story? See how Nailatu Al-Quasm, a young Nigerian girl, plans to use her education to help others.

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