We Need Diverse Books Campaign Writes A New Chapter In Push For Literary Variance

Looking for some more diversity in what you are reading? Join John Green, bestselling author of “Paper Towns” and “The Fault in Our Stars,” as he discusses his campaign that calls for diverse books.

Like the Huffington Post’s Jacob Hood, Green recognizes that diverse authors write and publish all the time. Both Hood and Green use this video to call on children to read these books and for parents and teachers to recommend them to children and young adults. Green says:

“We have great writers of color. We have great writers who are writing about the experience of disability or the experience of being an LGBT person. We don’t have enough marketing push to get those books to the audience they deserve. That’s one of the most exciting things about the We Need Diverse Books Campaign.”

Alongside great American authors such as Toni Morrison and Bell Hooks, Green argues that books shape the way children define reality. He further asserts that diversity in fiction better reflects the diverse reality we live in, broadening the possibilities for children and adults.

And if nothing else, you’ll get some great book suggestions from John Green.

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