Check Out How Madison’s Love Of Reading Helps Others

What were you doing at nine years old? We dare you, at whatever age you are, to school us the way this girl does! She describes reading books in a way we never would have been able to do it ourselves.

Nine-year-old Madison is articulate, expressive, and a precocious orator. That is because she loves books.

A passionate reader, Madison became an internet celebrity when a video of her gushing eloquently about the joys of reading went viral last year.

She is now a spokesperson in Cleveland for the Little Free Library, which promotes reading in communities by setting up “libraries” — wooden boxes in fixed locations where people can exchange books. “Every book should get a chance to be read,” she says.

Below, Madison introduces us to one of her favorite books and why she loves the library so much. Perhaps this is one you’ll need to check out yourself!

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