Books Made Into Movies That The Author HATED!

It’s always exciting when a book that you love is portrayed on the silver screen. Of course, the film adaptation isn’t always what you imagined. As a reader, you have certain expectations about how a movie should portray the literary work on which it is based, and you may not think that the film version follows the book’s storyline close enough. But what about the authors? Here are a few books that were adapted into movies that the author hated.

8. Interview with a Vampire

Author Anne Rice had major issues with some of the cast selections for the 1994 film adaptation of her gothic horror novel. She didn’t see Tom Cruise as the vampire, Lestat, and called his casting “bizarre.” Although, after filming completed and she got around to seeing the movie, Rice relented and appreciated what Cruise had done with the role.

7. American Psycho

In this novel written by Bret Easton Ellis, a 1980s yuppie leads a secret life as a serial killer. The story is told in the first person, and the reader is left uncertain of whether or not the events that transpire all take place in the character’s mind. The ambiguity of reality in the book is one of the reasons that Ellis took issue with the movie. He felt his book wasn’t meant to be made into a film, as he didn’t think the medium of film appropriately left the audience questioning what was — and what was not — part of the character’s fantasy. He also contended that a woman director couldn’t grasp the nuances of “the male gaze.”

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