9 Police Officers Who Did Something Spectacular in Their Communities

Brian Peters of Minnesota

On the day Brian Peters retired as a commander after 14 years on the force, he walked through the streets of his community as a cop one last time. Instead of handing out tickets, Peters gave residents $50 gift cards to Target and Cub Foods in June 2015.

Michael Castillo of Shelton, Connecticut

A passerby snapped a photo of Michael Castillo of the Ansonia Police Department on the streets of Shelton, Connecticut. He saw a need when a boy’s bicycle was broken. Castillo stopped to help the boy fix his bike before going on his way.

Justin Roby of London, Kentucky

A single father was caught shoplifting trying to steal baby formula to feed his infant daughter. Instead of arresting him, officer Justin Roby of London, Kentucky, bought the man several cans of formula to feed the baby.

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