Not Just for Kids: 8 Awesome Pop-Up Books for Adults!

Pop-up books aren’t just for kids. In fact, the earliest pop-up books started as movable books in the 1200s when Catalan philosopher Ramon Llull used movable, circular discs to explain the search for truth to his students. It wasn’t until 1821, when Stacy Grimaldi created an illustrated book of virtues for girls, that the first kid’s pop-up book happened. Although children’s versions of pop-ups are hugely popular, these recently published pop-up books for adults are must-have for any bibliophile.

1. Pop-Up New York, by Jennie Maizels

Pop-Up New York takes you on a virtual tour of the Big Apple, featuring well-known icons like the Statue of Liberty and those ubiquitous yellow taxis.

2. ABC3D, by Marion Bataille

“ABC3D” goes through all 26 letters of the alphabet with incredible efficiency and charm! Some letters appear when you turn the page, and the letter’s shape is pulled into place. Kids and grown ups alike will be enthralled by this not-so-simple alphabet.

3. The Pop-up Book of Phobias, by Gary Greenberg

“The Pop-Up Book of Phobias” is definitely not for kids. Our deepest fears, from a dentist with your shot of Novocaine to classic clowns and spiders, are artistically crafted to pop towards you in three dimensions. Deliciously creepy – and if you’re ever looking for a white elephant…

4. Andy Warhol’s Index

Andy Warhol took his art to Random House in 1967 with his satirical index. The book paired photographs of celebrities with pop-up representations of Warhol’s art. Look for the can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup somewhere in there.

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