12 of the Most Quirky Educational Films of the 20th Century

The Last Clear Chance

Safety first! Union Pacific Railroad sponsored this film to promote safety at railroad crossings and emphasize that roadway caution applies to all drivers. This docudrama begins with a funeral. One of the Dixon boys is hit by a train in front of his brother in a surprisingly affecting story — with a startling twist at the end.

Home Management: Buying Food

This home economics classic offers advice for future housewives learning to do the grocery shopping for their households. Some key points of advice include shopping from a list, purchasing in-season foods, and considering bulk buys. Film subject Henry provides an example of the perils of impulse buying. Henry loads up on oysters, cake, and a mystery vegetable while shopping on an empty stomach, which later proves to be a waste of money and food.

Beginning to Date

Who knew dating was so complicated? In this tutorial, first-time daters Bill and Helen struggle courting each other. Each makes mistakes, but the film gives its subjects do-over opportunities to get it right. Studs Terkel, a famed Pulitzer Prize-winning author and broadcaster, is featured as the swim coach in this short film.

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