8 Books That Make People Fall In Love With Reading

Some of us have been reading — and loving it — for as long as we can remember. Others have had a watershed moment with reading, where one bright, shining book changed everything about our perception of the written word. After reading this book, we suddenly saw access to new worlds and countless possibilities, all bound between two covers and created from ink and imagination. These kinds of books forever stand apart from all the others, holding a special place in our hearts.

Reddit user zaroberts asked fellow Redditors, “What’s the book that made you love reading?” Here are some of the responses that the fellow users gave. Take a look, and see if your favorite book made the discussion.

[Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for spelling, grammar, or length.]

8. Harry Potter

“I am sure I am not the only one. The ‘Harry Potter’ books are what truly got me into reading. My mother bought me the first one in an attempt to get me to start reading when I was younger.

“Safe to say it worked.” —Fatality42

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7. Where the Red Fern Grows

“When I was in 6th grade I had to have surgery on my ear. I was out of school for about two months and the school district arranged to have a tutor sent to my house a few days a week to help me with my schoolwork. She was an older woman, very kind and gentle.

‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ was on my list of books to read. We sat at my dining room table and took turns reading out loud to each other. In the end, we were just sitting there, sobbing. I could hardly read with tears streaming down my face.

“Every now and then I read that same book and remember her.” —NoForReally

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Idahomiller

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

“‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ My grandma read them (all of them) aloud to me when I was little; we got excited together, we cried together.” —somethingaboutstars

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5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“This is the one I remember first and foremost from my childhood. It was in a special edition with the sequel included. I’m not sure I would have been as big a reader growing up without Roald Dahl.” — witty_username_ftw

Photo: Flickr/Pablo RM

4. The Catcher in the Rye

“‘The Catcher in the Rye.’ I’d never before had such a real sense of knowing somebody’s personality as I had with this book, not through film, TV or even really by talking to people.” —unknown

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Photo: Flickr/naomi yamada

3. The Things They Carried

“‘The Things They Carried’ by Tim O’Brien. We read it in my freshman English class in high school. I still consider it to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.” —GiraffeofPlaid

Photo: Flickr/manhhai

2. Anne of Green Gables

“When I was a kid somebody gave me ‘Anne of Green Gables’ as a gift, and I fell in love with it.” —Onetruekingofsnow

Photo: Flickr/Barney Moss

1. Charlotte’s Web

“Probably ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ I’ve loved reading since I was a kid and for some reason that one was just so vivid for me.” —Pm_me_some_dessert

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These are just a few of the books that have planted the seed, fostered a love of reading, and had an amazing impact on generations of kids. Many more uphold those sacred pillars of literacy and passion, instilling a love of learning within so many young hearts.

A love of reading is so important to a child’s future. Yet often, reading can seem more like a chore for children instead of a fun activity.

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