Everyone Had This Book Growing Up, But Its Inspiration Is Shocking!

Very few people can take a story of heartbreak and tragedy and turn it into a love story. Even fewer can make it the kind of story that generations of people will read to their children over and over again.

But Robert Munsch can.

This is one talented gentleman, folks. This is a true writer, the kind the world owes a great deal of gratitude.

In this tear-inducing video, the author of the classic children’s book “Love You Forever” reveals the heartbreaking true events that inspired the story. R

obert Munsch included on his website that he wrote his book about a mother who expresses her enduring love for her child by singing him a lullaby each night.

Munsch made up the lyrics for the song after he and his wife suffered the deaths of newborn twins, reports Good Housekeeping.

Grab the Kleenex.

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