Why Are They Using Slow-Mo Video to Film This Reader?

Trisha Paytas is a waitress, part-time actress, and occasional model, but her real talent lies in something completely different: reading.

In this video from the “Amazing Audience Talents” segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Trisha exhibits her phenomenal speed-reading talent. She blitzes through pages of Ellen’s book at a rate so fast you need to watch the video in slow motion to understand what she says.

Her talent is truly impressive and there is no doubt, she is the epitome of speed-reading; it is funny to think that I once thought I was a fast reader before watching this!

Think you can match Trisha? Try this test to find out where you stand in comparison. (Important to remember, it is not about the speed in which you read, just that you do it! This is just fun!)

P.S. If you’re into acrobatics or the destruction of cookware, you might also be interested in the talents that come before and after Trisha. The first woman can roll an entire pan in on itself. The last guy does some amazing backflips!

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