In a Town Where Many Children Are Homeless, Two Teens Start Their Own School

When a homeless child approached 13-year-old Shireen Zafar on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan and asked to be taught, an idea came to her mind.

With her 15-year-old brother, Hasan, she started a school for impoverished kids on the streets of Karachi. The school now has 25 students, and most of them live on the streets. Since the kids cannot even afford basic necessities such as shoes, locals and an NGO sponsor food and drinks for the students.

These children have a desire to learn that transcends the problems they face. Even without a real school, without real teachers, without real school supplies and books, they’re determined to expand their minds as best they can.

Initiatives like these are greatly needed in Pakistan, where 47 percent of the children have no access to education. Watch this video to learn more about the school’s endeavors. You have been warned, this is a super inspiring and motivation story; we know you are going to love it!

Inspired? Sign this petition to protect young Pakistani women’s rights to safe access to education.

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