These Are The Mind-Blurring Effects That Technology Has On Our Brains…

Modern technology allows you to have access to more knowledge than ever before and puts all sorts of choices and power into your hands. However, tech is a double-edged sword, and it may be causing negative effects on your brain, your productivity and your happiness levels.

Taking On More Than Ever Before

In today’s high-tech era, you’re juggling more than ever. Think about the hours you can spend choosing between dozens, even hundreds, of options to choose your child’s school backpack rather than going to the nearby store and buying what’s in stock.

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No Time To Think

With the constant barrage from email, texts and social media demanding to be checked, there’s little time left to think about the issues of the day or form your own opinions. The danger comes when you decide it’s easier to let social media tell you what to think.

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No Need To Know Things

Only a decade ago, you needed to know certain facts to navigate the world intelligently. Now, everything you need to know is neatly stored on your devices. You don’t need to know anything; you just need to know where to find it.

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Too Much Multitasking

While modern technology makes it easy to multitask, bouncing between computers and phones and the real world, in reality, all that multitasking is an illusion. Really, your brain is just single-tasking faster than ever, but it’s jumping from one task to the next in an inefficient manner.

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The Neurological Effect Of Multitasking

All that multitasking affects the brain in some negative ways, boosting stress hormones that overstimulate your brain, resulting in mental confusion. Studies show that multitasking can have a more deleterious effect on the brain’s function than smoking marijuana.

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The Physical Dangers Of Over-dependence On Technology

If your car handles all its major functions itself through technology with little effort from you, when you actually have to, say, parallel park, you may find you’ve lost the skills to do so. The same phenomenon occurs when pilots rely overly on airplane technology but the system breaks down.

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The Need To Answer The Phone

The psychological pull of knowing that your phone is ringing or that you have an email or text waiting for you to read it is destructive to concentration and focus. Research shows that this very break in concentration can lower your effective IQ significantly.

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A Decline In Happiness

Technology makes it easiest to take in information and do little work. However, in reality, people are happiest when doing productive work that allows them to use their skills.

Via Timothy Krause
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