Don’t Be Shy: Share These 10 Things With Your Child’s Teacher

Your child’s teacher is one of the primary role models and influencers in his life. Give her the tools she needs to do her job by letting her know the inside scoop on who your child really is, what he loves and why he behaves the way he does. Here are a few things your child’s teacher truly wants to know.

It’s Been a Bad Day

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Even at 8 a.m. school dropoff, your child may already be on the track to having a bad day. If your child isn’t feeling at his best or if he’s just having a bad week, let your teacher know.

Where Do You Worship?

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If your family is religious, your child’s teacher needs to know some of the details. Let her know if your child is going to miss class for religious holidays or if your faith affects the way your child dresses or what he can eat.

What Makes Your Child Cranky

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You may not want to admit that your child ever gets cranky, but your teacher is going to find out no matter what. Give her a heads up if your child refuses to take naps, is embarrassed during music class, or feels out of sorts if he needs to eat.

How to Motivate Your Child

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You already know if your child responds well to a hug, a word of encouragement or a sticker on a chart that everyone can see. Give your child’s teacher some insight into your child’s personality to help her motivate him in ways he can respond to.

What Does Your Child Love?

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If your child is crazy about a certain cartoon or book series or if he’s obsessed with a subject such as dinosaurs, baseball or cooking, let the teacher know. She can use her own knowledge of the subject to make a great connection with your child.


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In many schools, the amount of homework children should be given is under constant discussion. Help your teacher out by telling her when homework is taking up an unreasonable amount of time or if there are concepts your child just isn’t grasping.

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Allergies and Medical Conditions

You probably filled out paperwork about your child’s medical conditions and allergies before the school year started, but give your teacher a reminder, especially if you’re dealing with a life-threatening allergy. Make sure the teacher knows how serious the condition is and whether your child requires medication in the classroom.

Extracurricular Activities

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Teachers want to know where a child races off to at the end of each school day. If your child is involved in after-school sports or performing arts, give the teacher the practice and rehearsal schedules.

Family Problems

It may feel embarrassing to tell your child’s teacher that you’ve just lost your job or that you’re considering getting a divorce. However, what happens at home affects a child’s demeanor and behavior at school, and your teacher appreciates knowing the reasons for any changes she sees.

Self Confidence

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If your child is sensitive about his appearance or his weight or if he has a speech problem or an issue with shyness that makes him reticent to speak up in class, let your teacher know. Some of these sensitivities pop up especially during the later elementary grades as children start to show early signs of puberty.

Did we miss anything? What do you think your child’s teacher needs to know? Let us know in the comments below!

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