10+ Ways You Can Help Your Kids Fall In Love With Reading

10. Be Flexible With Formats

If your child is struggling with books, consider using other formats. Audio books provide many of the same benefits as a paper book does, but they can be significantly easier for a child who is having trouble with reading. Shorter formats, including newspapers, comics, and magazine articles, can also help engage reluctant readers. Even cookbooks can help. Plan out recipes to try with your children, have them help you select ingredients, and read the instructions. Associating physical objects and actions with the words helps with comprehension and makes it more interesting.

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9. Make Your Home Reading-Friendly

If you want your children to love books, make it easy for them to do so by keeping plenty of age-appropriate, interesting reading material around the house. It’s best to have bookshelves in several rooms, including their bedrooms. It can also help to create a special, fun reading nook that they enjoy spending time in. This can be anything from a blanket fort to a window seat, depending on their age and personality.

Photo: Pexels

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