Dad Secretly Attends College And Surprises Family When He Graduates Alongside His Daughter

When Taleigh Loven enrolled in Grand Canyon University back in 2016, she had no idea that her father, Mike Loven, had done the same exact thing!

Over the next four years, she went on a path of pursuing a degree in psychology, completely unaware that her father was taking online classes towards a degree of his very own.

In fact, she didn’t find out about Mike’s own college pursuits until at her graduation this past October – when he showed up wearing the same cap and gown!

Photo: Facebook / Mike Loven

23-year-old Taleigh shared with CNN that she was so shocked and proud to see her 47-year-old holding his very own diploma, she ended up tearing up.

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She said, “My first and only thought was that I was just so so proud of him. I was like, wait did you really go to college?”

Photo: Facebook / Mike Loven

Mike shared the reason for his secret keeping: He thought it would be a fun surprise. Mike has his own staffing company and stated that he’s a bit of a workaholic who is always on his laptop, therefore, he figured it would be very easy for him to hide the fact that he’s taking online classes. And that is what he decided to do when he went after his degree in finance and economics.

Mike didn’t let his company – which had originally been founded by his father and he’d been working at since his own his school graduation – slow him down. He continued to work full time while doing his online courses the whole time!

Photo: Unsplash

Speaking with Good Morning America, Taleigh gushed about her pride in her father since the entire time that he did his degree, he was still working hard to carry the weight of his family’s world. She said that he showed a selflessness that was a testament to the type of person that he is. As she stated, “Words truly cannot express how proud I am of him.”

Mike did admit that there were challenges he had to face as well – mainly having to help his family with their schoolwork while also hiding the fact that he had his own exams and schoolwork to handle on his own. He joked that it “resulted in many late nights at the computer.”

Photo: Pixabay

Still, he managed to pull through and he achieved his degree! And that is certainly a major achievement worth celebrating.

As for Taleigh, she is planning to continue on the road of education by going after her master’s degree in psychology. However, Mike has no plans on going for a master’s degree of his own…yet. Never say never.

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