Delivering Literacy Around the Globe

There are so many children around the globe who do not have access to quality education or books to read.

This is a huge loss to our planet, because you never know which of these kids would grow up with the passion and drive to fix our world’s greatest problems if they only had the resources to do so. All kids deserve a chance to do something spectacular with their lives.

Every child is worthy of being educated. It’s time to give kids the education they deserve.

The Global Literacy Project is a collaborative organization with the goal of, within the decade, educating 100 million illiterate children through the use of cutting-edge technology.

The project delivers open source tablets to undereducated communities, and gives children the opportunity to wield their own natural curiosity and ingenuity to achieve literacy using cloud-based curricula.

Learn more about the project, and the success of its pilot program, in this video. Thank goodness there are people in the world whose own educations and passions are being put to good use to help others get an education too!

Support Literacy

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