Dentist Utilizes Videos to Reduce Anxiety for His Patients

Your health status can easily make you worry because of the various possibilities that your doctor might reveal after an appointment. Depending on your results, they sometimes recommend you undergo a medical procedure. A lot of people fear surgeries and unfamiliar procedures because of how painful and risky it sounds. Even though a well-trained and knowledgeable doctor will perform the surgery, fear cannot be quickly eliminated. It’s about overthinking the whole process and how it might end on a bad note.

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Doctors often assure their patients by explaining the course of action before moving on to the procedure. They try to illustrate everything as clearly as possible and answer the patient’s questions in the most detailed way. The patient needs to understand how necessary the surgery is — that it would worsen their condition if they don’t choose the option presented to them. For a long time, doctors have stuck with encouragement and orientation before the procedure. However, for this dentist from Carolina Dental Specialty Center, videos of 3D images do the trick.

Photo: Youtube/The Carolina Dental Speciality Center

The clinic, led by Dr. Jose Arauz, aims to provide a comfortable environment for its clients. They want to earn their trust as much as possible — reminding people that they exist to ease the pain and not aggravate it. The periodontist shared that he has observed how patients get anxious before procedures for a long time. He’d often see new patients fear-stricken or feeling uncomfortable. “Many times they would be shy to talk about the reason why they were here, even though we have received a referral from the general practitioner. But it was difficult for them to talk about it, difficult for them to ask questions, and then the body language. As we have learned from behavioral sciences in dentistry, it was clear that patients were not really communicating well,” Dr. Arauz said.

He has tried several methods to reassure his patients, but the 3D images have yielded the best results. Dr. Arauz would play the video after receiving the exam result and carefully explain what’s happening in the video. The 3D images allow the person to see what goes on during the process. It was an innovative way to help patients feel comfortable, stopping them from being hesitant about going through the procedure. Dental Play was behind the production of the 3D images on every video shown to the clinic’s patients.

Photo: Youtube/The Carolina Dental Speciality Center

“What we try to do is help the patient or assist the patient through this process where we could show them or share with them as much information as possible,” he said. “The level of interest changes completely, like the body language. They start leaning forward, trying to kind of like understand, really pay attention to what is being shown.” Carolina Dental Specialty Center is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina. You can learn more about their team and services by visiting their website or Instagram. Dental health is a priority, and it’s best to seek professionals who also consider your emotional and mental well-being.

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