Dying Teacher’s Final Selfless Act: Providing Needy Kids With School Supplies

When you are a teacher, you throw your entire life into it. Your students become your children, so to speak, and you want to care for them in every way you possibly can. Of course, some teachers go above and beyond and that is the case with Tammy Waddell. She loved her students so much that she even called them ‘her kids’.

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Unfortunately, Waddell died as a result of colon cancer. The teacher from Georgia wanted to leave something behind for the children that she loves so much, so she told her son that flowers were not to be a part of her funeral. Rather than flowers, she wanted school supplies and backpacks to be brought so that needy student could be helped.

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Pictures were shared by her cousin, Brad Johnson, who told CNN: “This was just the kind of teacher she was, and this is a reflection of her heart. She was a teacher first, all the way.” The pictures really told the story, including one that showed a shot down the aisle of the church with backpacks lining both sides.

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Another picture showed the teachers that worked with Waddell outside of the church who were waiting to deliver the backpacks to children at school. They were considered to be ‘honorary pallbearers’ and the roughly 130 backpacks filled with school supplies would make a difference in a lot of lives.

Waddell was an elementary school teacher for 25 years. She had beat cancer earlier in her life but at the age of 58, she was diagnosed and died shortly thereafter. Even after her death, however, she still serves as an example for her students.

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