High School Senior With 4.6 GPA Receives $9 Million In Scholarships To 104 Colleges

A senior at Rancho Cucamonga High School in California is getting accepted to so many colleges that all of the letters don’t even fit in the mailbox.

Dylan Little, who has a 4.6 grade point average, applied to 112 colleges and was accepted to 104 of them, including Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth and Stanford. Not only that, but he has also received a whopping $9 million in scholarship funds.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Little began applying to so many schools so that he could get the hang of applying and become an applicant that he would be proud of.

He applied to a school in all 50 states as a way to honor his family.

Little’s great grandmother, who helped raise him, was unable to finish school because of Jim Crow politics. So ever since Little was young, he knew he would be going to college.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Little acknowledges how far he’s come and is proud of his accomplishments. Despite any obstacles that come his way, he plans on continuing to work hard.

He hopes his story will encourage other people and students to do the same.

“Don’t cap yourself,” he told CBS News. “Certainly, do what you can to cast the widest net possible. You never know what’s going to happen. They worst they could say is no.”

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When Little isn’t applying to colleges or studying at school, he spends his time as the leader of the Black Student Union and an intern for Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.

Hear his incredible, inspiring story in the video below:

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